What is Product Branding and Why is it Essential in Retail?

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7 min readAug 8, 2019

What is Product Branding and Why is it Essential in Retail?

Why do customers choose reliable brands like Nike or Apple?

The answer is simple — their mere names and logos stand for trustworthiness and premium quality.

Namely, in today’s overcrowded market, where there is a sea of products similar to yours, it’s challenging to get yourself noticed by the right audiences.

Moreover, the only way to become a leader in your niche and increase sales is to build a stable and recognisable brand around it.

Let’s learn what product branding is, why it is essential, and how it is done.

What is Product Branding?

Product branding is an opportunity to differentiate your product and help it stand out.

It involves the use of different branding tactics, from choosing logos and designs to determining your brand’s name and tone of voice.

These brand elements let you promote the idea behind your products and increase your industry authority.

Now, here are a few steps you should take when branding your products.

Do your research

Before you start building your product brand, you need to allocate some time to research your markets.

Start by researching your competitors.

Observe the audiences they’re targeting, marketing tactics they’re using, and the products they’re developing to learn more about your industry.

Instead of copying their tactics, identify any the significant gaps in your industry and see how your products can help overcome them.

Then, research your target audience.

Conduct customer surveys, interview customers, call them, create social media polls, and track their…

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