What Makes A Good User Interface? 13 UI Design Principles

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8 min readJan 24, 2020

What Makes a Good User Interface? 13 UI Design Principles

Creative visuals, attractive logo design, or intricate animations? What makes a good user interface?

The definition of an effective UI is very vague and usually contains such words as clear, consistent, simple, and user-oriented. But what does it really mean?

The question is especially critical if you are considering IT outsourcing. Knowing the main principles that turn a user interface into a powerful tool for user generation and retention, you will be able to find the best vendor for the task.

So, let’s not nibble around the edges but dive right into the main principles of an effective and attractive user interface.

What is a User Interface?

Before we move to the main principles of a good user interface design, it is crucial to understand what is hiding behind the two-word definition.

UI is not about attractive visuals and design of elements. User interface defines the interaction between a user and a product.

It is not about deciding which colour to choose and where to place buttons. It is dedicated to the choice of the right visual tools for the set technical tasks.

The vast majority of users do not think about software architecture and back-end processes when interacting with an app or website.

A good user interface should both clearly broadcast the right message to the end-user, meet their needs and wants as well as get in line with the technical implementation of the software.

This is why it is necessary to understand and apply the best practices to create top user interfaces.

The 13 Principles of a Good User Interface

The following is a list of what makes an attractive and intuitive user interface inside a web or mobile app application.

1 — Clear and intuitive user navigation



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