Zero UI: The End of Screen-based Interfaces and What It Means for Businesses

Zero UI: The End of Screen-based Interfaces and What It Means for Businesses

What Is Zero UI?

In simple terms, Zero UI means interfacing with a device or application without using a touchscreen.

Components of Zero UI

Tech companies around the globe are using a variety of technologies to build Zero UI-based devices.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback provides you with a motion or vibration-based feedback.


Some applications also eliminate or minimise the need for a touchscreen with the help of personalisation.

Voice Recognition

Speaking of Siri, the voice search and command itself is a component of Zero UI.


Face recognition is also turning into one of the most popular Zero UI technologies.


Gesture-based interfacing is available on a variety of smart devices.

Messaging Interfaces

Messaging interfaces such as Google Assistant are also a part of Zero UI.

Brands That Are Doing It

Several brands are trying to create a Zero UI experience for their customers.


The Uber Alexa skill has been available on Amazon Alexa for some time now.


Just like Uber, you can also order your favourite Starbucks drink using Starbucks Reorder Skill on Alexa.

Apple’s HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit allows you to control smart home appliances using your iPhone.


The banking sector is also taking advantage of Zero UI.


CBS provides the latest news from all over the globe through Amazon Alexa.

How Will Zero Ul Affect Web Design?

Although Zero UI may seem like the end of visual interfaces, that’s unlikely to happen.

What This Means for Designers — Understanding Data and AI

Zero UI brings the search and the purchase history (or behavioural data), two critical components of digital marketing, closer to each other.

What Zero Ul Will Mean for Businesses

In a world of Zero UI, your business will rely on providing the right recommendations at the right time.


You are probably already collecting tons of data for your business.


You will need to understand the meaning of what users are attempting to find.


As mentioned earlier, your business will have to move away from the linear web designing process.


The content creation process will also become more dynamic than ever.

How to Optimise Your Site for Natural Language Search?

When it comes to natural language search, voice search is the most prevalent way of communication.

Structure Your Content

Usually, natural league queries are in the form of questions instead of phrases.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Conversational phrases also comprise long-tail keywords as people often use more words when they are talking.

Add your Website/Store to Google My Business

Adding your website to Google My Business (GMB) helps attract more foot traffic through mobile searches, especially the “near me” searches.

Zero UI and the Problem of Privacy

In its attempt to provide users with a seamless experience, Zero UI may also lead to serious privacy and security issues.

Future of Zero UI

At the moment, the future of Zero UI looks bright despite the security and privacy concerns.

In Conclusion

The Zero UI concept aims to make every community, marketplace, on-demand service, e-commerce site, and mobile application more interactive.

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